1. Configuring VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.1 High Availability Using an F5 Load Balancer -
    The configuration of the F5 load balancer with vCloud Automation Center 6.1 in a highly available (HA) configuration requires that the various components are implemented in the correct sequence.

    Failing to follow the documented
    sequence can create unpredictable consequences and/or dependencies on other components where dependencies should not be placed.

    Download the Deployment Guide for High-Availability Configurations

  2. Join us at the Dutch vBeers The Hague event -
    Join Eric Sloof (NTPRO.NL), Jeremy van Doorn (VMware) and Viktor van den Berg (viktorious.nl) for the first vBeers The Hague; The VMworld afterparty!

    Catch up with other peers and discuss VMworld announcements or just have a little drink and chit chat.

    Date: November 7, 2014
    Time: 17:00 to 22:00

    We would like to know if you're attending, so please register at eventbrite.

    This first vBeers The Hague event will PYOD, Pay Your Own Drinks, although we will be working on some funding. The bar also serves some tapas style food. Car parks available at Torenstraat, Laan and Heulstraat.

    Tram 17 & 29 stop at Gravenstraat which is nearby. 
    Hope to CU in The Hague on November 7th! Share the news and feel free to invite your co-workers and virtualization friends.

  3. VMware Management with PowerCLI 5.8 Release 1 Poster -
    VMware vSphere PowerCLI contains snapins of cmdlets based on Microsoft PowerShell for automating vSphere and vCloud administration. It provides C# and PowerShell interfaces to VMware vSphere and vCloud APIs. You can download the VMware Management with PowerCLI 5.8 Release 1 Poster here.
  4. VMworld TV - Eric Sloof talks to Mike Laverick about EVO Rail -

    Exclusive VMworld TV interview with Mike Laverick about his VMworld 2014, and of course, the EVO Rail
  5. Latest Fling from VMware Labs - Horizon Migration Tool -
    The Horizon Migration Tool helps you migrate published applications and desktops from XenApp to Horizon View. One XenApp farm is migrated to one or more Horizon View farm(s).

    The GUI wizard-based tool helps you:
    • Validate the View agent status on RDS hosts (from View connection server, and XenApp server)
    • Create farms
    • Validate application availability on RDS hosts
    • Migrate application/desktop to one or multiple farms (new or existing)
    • Migrate entitlements to new or existing applications/desktops. Combination of application entitlements are supported
    • Check environment
    • Identify incompatible features and configuration
  6. Free e-learning course - VMware vRealize Hyperic Fundamentals [V5.8] -
    Typical data centers have a diverse ecosystem of applications running on a wide range of web servers, application servers, and database platforms, coexisting with mainframe based applications. Virtualized applications, with virtual machines that are constantly starting, stopping, and reverting to snapshots, adds to the complexity of datacenter operations. In this complex environment, effectively monitoring and managing datacenter resources is very challenging.

    VMware® vRealize™ Hyperic® (formally known as VMware® vCenter™ Hyperic®) is a component of the VMware® vRealize™ Operations Management Suite™ (formally known as VMware® vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™). It monitors operating systems, applications, and services running in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. VMware vRealize Hyperic offers the unique ability to automatically discover, inventory, and monitor servers, regardless of type or location, and enables application operations teams to ensure that business-critical applications run without fail.

    This eLearning course presents an overview and high-level architecture of VMware vRealize Hyperic , describes the installation process, and demonstrates how VMware vRealize Hyperic can be used to effectively monitor and manage resources.

    Register for this course
  7. VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.1 - Reference Architecture -
    This technical white paper provides recommendations about deployment topology, hardware specifications, interoperability, and scalability for the following VMware components. 

    • VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.1 
    • VMware vCloud Application Services 6.1 
    • VMware IT Business Management Standard Edition 1.1 
    Download: VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.1 - Reference Architecture
  8. Download VMware Remote Console 7.0 - VMware Remote Console provides console access and client device connection to VMs on a remote host. You will need to download this installer before you can launch the external VMRC application directly from a vSphere web client.

    Download VMware Remote Console 7.0
  9. VMworld 2014 Europe Day 3 Highlights -

    Can you believe it? VMworld Europe came to an end today, and while numerous tears were shed, Jeremy and Eric from VMworld TV soldiered on through the heartache. They've laughed, they've launched virtual machines, they met Simple Minds!
  10. VMworld TV Day 2 Highlights -
  11. VMworld 2014 Europe Day 1 Highlights -

    What a day it was! Join Jeremy and Eric for the big rundown of all the day's great events. Virtual machines never looked this good!
  12. Available for download - vRealize CloudClient 3.0 -
    vRealize CloudClient is a command-line utility that provides verb-based access to many of VMware's cloud management products, such as vRealize Automation. CloudClient provides an easy to use command-line and scripting capability.

    Using the Cloud Client as an interactive shell provides a easy-to-use utility for performing many common VMware Cloud Management Platform Functions

    Launching Cloud Client

    Use the following procedure to launch Cloud Client on Windows.

        Open a command prompt on your workstation.
        Change directories to the directory where you extracted the Cloud Client files.
        Enter cloudclient.bat

        Use the following procedure to launch Cloud Client on Linux or MacOSX.
        Open a terminal on your workstation.
        Change directories to the directory where you extracted the Cloud Client files.
        Enter ./cloudclient.sh

        The Cloud Client interface appears.

    Downloathe vRealize CloudClient 3.0
  13. VMworld Session - Extending vRealize Automation Center Requests with vRealize Orchestrator -

    As any IT professional knows, being able to provision systems in a consistent manner, reliably, is the holy grail. Most organizations have tasks they are performing during various stages of provisioning, but these things are, in many instances, manual. While that can be a great starting point, this approach does not scale and routinely falls victim to human error.

    However for environments that leverage vCAC, there is a way to scale, be consistent and to automate all aspects of the Cloud life cycle. We will explore the symbiotic relationship between vCAC and vCO, and how the information being stored in vCAC can be used to power workflows within vCO in a production environment to eliminate the guesswork and dramatically reduce errors in provisioning and life cycle requests.
  14. VMworld Session - Built to be Extended: vCloud Automation Center -

    Are you tired of being told to throw everything away and start over? Does it seem “too lucrative to be true” for the consultant(s) you’ve been paying? Do you want make use of your existing investments in a rational way; as you build up your datacenter’s capabilities? Perhaps you are a solutions architect wanting to offer competitive bids by not re-implementing (and re-deploying) every wheel in the shop.

    Legacy does not mean broken! VMWare’s vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) was designed from the ground up to be extended. vCAC allows you to orchestrate, coordinate, and govern the services and building blocks of your existing and planned data center as it evolves to meet tomorrow's changing business needs. In this Deep Dive, we’ll show how you can make use of existing appliances and investments when deploying Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) with vCAC.

    We will elaborate on how we’ve built our orchestration platform to interoperate with existing assets. Many of our customers employ management solutions to plan, track, and manage internal Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) processes. We will show how you can seamlessly integrate with already-deployed management solutions, demonstrating vCAC’s innate and flexible extensibility mechanisms.
  15. Latest Fling from VMware Labs - ESXtop for the vSphere Web Client -
    ESXtopNGC Plugin is an enhanced, plugin-version of ESXtop for the vSphere Web Client. The plugin displays ESX server stats in new and more powerful ways by tapping into the GUI capabilities of the Web Client.

    • Separate tabs for CPU, memory, network and disk performance statistics
    • Flexible batch output
    • Flexible counter selection
    • Advanced data grid for displaying stats (sortable columns, expandable rows, etc.)
    • Configurable refresh rate
    • VM-only stats
    • Embedded tooltip for counter description
    Get it here
  16. Meet the team behind the Hands On Labs -
  17. What is Destination Give Back? -
  18. Duncan Epping talks to Eric Sloof about his new role in VMware -
  19. Joe Baguley, VMware's CTO for EMEA, talks exclusively to VMworld TV -
  20. An Exclusive Interview with Carl Eschenbach, COO of VMware -

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